We do not test any products or ingredients on animals at any stage of production, neither do we have any stores in countries that require animal testing by law. Although some of our products are manufactured in China, the animal testing law is not applicable for products made and being shipped out of the country, so no animals are harmed.
Our passion is to make products accessible to everyone and that includes the ingredients too, we love our vegan customers and we want them to enjoy our products just like everyone else. Since launching we have only used non-animal derived ingredients and we will continue to do so.
We are always making sure we use recyclable packaging to minimise our impact on the planet, to further this commitment we promise to never use plastic for our palettes (excluding mirrors and inserts) and to only use cardboard. We only use recycled shredded paper for our packing filler and will never use plastic.
Our headquarters, products and social channels are a safe place for everyone. Whether you are male, female, gay, straight, bisexual, a-sexual, transgender, non-binary or whoever you identify as. Hate, judgement and anything other than kindness has and will never be welcome here.